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Democracy dies in darkness my ass. They are so full of crap that their eyes are brown.

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The holiday season is upon us. The political season is just over.

Let me give you a political gift courtesy of some friends of mine to help you understand what’s at stake.

Maybe it will be a good conversation topic at your holiday table.

-Jeffrey Carter

Summing It All Up For You

Jeffrey Carter:

Putting a Bow on it

If you still don’t understand why Trump resonated with people, try and read Laura’s tweets and see it from her perspective. Trump is probably not the best person to go forward with, but a competitive primary will establish that fact.

Competition is good. As you will see, a large segment of the US wants to abandon it.

My friend Laura is a law professor at Notre Dame. She has written for years and taught for years. She understands the law intimately. She’s written for several publications.

Professor Hollis had a tweetstorm this morning that gets to the heart of what we are fighting for today in America. I used @threadreadererapp to compile it.


At a certain point, you should be able to see through bullshit. But when you're an egotist or your Lefty guilt-ridden "noblesse oblige" politics dominates your worldview (or both), you'll keep falling for frauds and grifters.

Consider all these RECENT examples:

After the 2000 dot-bomb, it was "Never again."

But in 2003, OFHEO head Armando Falcon warned Congress that changes to Fannie Mae's/Freddie Mac's rules re subprime mortgages were going to create massive losses.

They called him a racist and ignored him.
LINK HERE: https://www.c-span.org/video/?177453-1/freddie-mac-accounting-practices-oversight

Freddie Mac Accounting Practices OversightArmando Falcon testified before The Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs Committee, regarding accounting practices at Freddie Mac, and the events leading up to irregularities in recent Freddie Mac…https://www.c-span.org/video/?177453-1/freddie-mac-accounting-practices-oversight

In 2008-09, the housing market collapsed, taking down banks and destroying billions of dollars in wealth.

The same arrogant people who refused to heed warnings (Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Chris Dodd) stuck their names on legislation after the fact and proclaimed themselves saviors.

In 2015, @WSJ writer @JohnCarreyrou exposed the $700M fraud of Elizabeth Holmes and her startup Theranos. All the same "brilliant" people had bought her b.s. hook, line & sinker w/out question - or even seeing the technology.

Yet again: "We won't miss the red flags next time!"

Holmes hasn't even been sentenced yet, and here comes ANOTHER financial ripoff, this one orders of magnitude bigger than Theranos, with the same predictable headlines: "How did this happen?" "What went wrong?" "Why didn't anyone see the red flags?"

OK. That's easy...

1. These people are big political donors - largely (tho not exclusively) to the Democrats. (I'm focusing on financial scandals, but we could also throw in Harvey Weinstein's serial sexual assaults and Ed Buck's dead male prostitutes for good measure.)

2. Even more importantly, they wrap their misconduct in the Invisibility Cloak of "social justice" and related buzz phrases that turn Lefties on: "save the world," "change the world," "heal the planet," "effective altruism," "antiracism," etc.

3. Many of them have degrees from schools that "everyone knows" admit and graduate the "smartest" people. So they hide behind what is, in fact, inaccurate, inflated and absurdly outdated credentialing. (It's OK if you drop out, BTW, because "the brightest" ppl do that, too.)

4. This is a heady mix - elite schooling, benevolent intentions, Lefty politics, big donations. Now add some obscurantist bullshit, and EVERYBODY in the Cool Crowd wants to be seen with you. No one wants to be the buzzkill who says, "This is crap."

The SAME people who have missed or caused scandal after scandal, crisis after crisis, are the ones telling us that they - and only they - must run the planet bc they're the "smart people" in the room.

They're wrong about everything, but we're supposed to listen to them.

They want to dismantle entire industries, including energy, transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, food production and housing. "To save the planet," of course, even though decades of their vastly different but equally dire predictions have NEVER come true.

They have the gall to suggest that they should own everything and "lease" it to the rest of us.

They (govt, public health, big tech) have conspired with each other to lie to us and to prevent those investigating their lies from revealing them, with disastrous, deadly results.

They want to further extend their control by moving all currencies to digital, where they can be monitored, restricted and cut off, if anyone questions their authority or challenges their plans.

These would be horrible practices even if those behind them had a stellar track record of calling balls and strikes.


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Summing It All Up For You
And Putting A Bow On It

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