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Bye, bye UnAmerican Lie

Bye, bye UnAmerican Lie

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by El Gato Malo:

a few quick thoughts on the weekend:

i think people really underestimate the disarray into which this assassination attempt on trump just threw the democratic party.

their messaging and activity has been relentlessly anti-donald on a personal level calling him a fascist, a dictator, and the "end of america."

it’s their only real unifier at this point. absent “orange man bad” just what is the glue for this fractious and internally clamorous bunch? not much. their party is on the brink of internal civil war over joe’s brainpan whimsicality as it is.

so they have been all in on “trumpian terror tales” as core message.

they did everything but overtly declare him a “clear and present danger.”

"Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our country."

that’s a helluva soundbite from a sitting president.

the day dem messaging died

By El Gato Malo | Bad Cattitude:

it’s been unlike anything i have ever seen in america in terms of both stridence and consistency. they have thrown everything including the kitchen sink, silverware, and plumbing pipes at this guy and have whipped up their base into a level of jingoistic hate that seems to defy and deny all logic.

and it has not slowed down.

it was always a much worse look that team donkey realized to go this negative and aggressive. they were already losing the center over it.

the spectacle of the guy who is refusing to step down despite clear mental issues and being mired in an entire family of bribe takers and influence sellers who have been running show trials of political opponents accusing the other of acting the dictator is pretty well and truly over the line.

and this newfound trope of “he’ll take out his opponents” well, i mean, this one aged like a sardine i once lost down behind the backseat of a chevy.

pretty rancid for just 10 days old.

it’s all “gone pete tong” for the dem message machine.

trump's conviction backfired bigly on them and seems to have solidified support by helping more people see just how outlandish and rigged the system is as biden gets a pass on his classified docs issues because apparently he’s “too senile to know better” but somehow fine to run the country while trump faced prison for the presidential equivalent of a jaywalking ticket.

it all got a bit much to swallow and the ongoing rancor was already digging the dems a hole.

but this is a whole new day.

it all stops now.

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the day dem messaging died
bye, bye unamerican lie
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