The Rise and Fall of Movie Pass

Movie Pass: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Rise and Fall of Movie Pass
Capital Thinking | The Rise and Fall of Movie Pass

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My Inbox has blown up in the past few weeks due to all the news about Movie Pass: Good, Bad, and Indifferent.

I’ve gathered some of the best short pieces on the company, its market, and mistakes for you.

We’ll discuss these in more detail when I return from the Road.



The spectacular rise and fall of MoviePass
MoviePass was all set to shake up the film industry. Then what happened?
How MoviePass plans to make money from its more than 1 million subscribers
At less than $10 a month, MoviePass is a bargain for customers, but how will the movie-theater subscription company subsidizing its members’ film-going...
MoviePass to Experiment With New Pricing Models, CEO Says
When MoviePass launched in 2011, it promised to revolutionize the theater-going experience much as Netflix had upended the home entertainment business. But five years later, the company, which offe…
MoviePass Brings Back Movie-A-Day Plan As CEO Shrugs Off Recent Financial Reports
MoviePass is back to offering their movie-a-day deal and claim it was never really gone. Plus, the CEO thinks the future is looking bright for the service.
The Numbers Behind MoviePass and Why It’s (Probably) Doomed – Residual Thoughts
There are red flags all over MoviePass’ financial statements that should scare investors
MoviePass’ owner, Helios and Matheson Analytics, has been losing $20 million a month since September.
Subscribers left shaken, unsure after MoviePass’s latest financial turmoil
The changes have been aplenty for the struggling company. MoviePass this week announced it would raise it’s monthly fee to $14.95 and informed customers of\u00a0limited ticket availability to the latest blockbuster films.
MoviePass. Premature Scaling?
Businesses are now selling subscriptions for software as a service (SaaS), but also for products like car washes and movies. Having a more predictable recurring revenue stream is often cited…
MoviePass Is Struggling, So Use It While You Can
MoviePass has never really made sense on a financial level, but an independent audit (via Variety) suggests that the company could be in even worse shape than we thought. If you’re using the service—or thinking about signing up—you should probably get the most out of its too-good-to-be-true offer be…
MoviePass Appears to Be Running Very Low on Money
Subscribers, go out and use your pass while you can!
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