Start with Words

The most powerful tool on the web is still words.

Start with Words

By Capital Thinking • Issue #892 • View online

This is a web page.

There’s not much here.

Just words.

And you’re reading them.

-Justin Jackson

This is a Web Page

Justin Jackson:

We’ve become obsessed with fancy designs, responsive layouts, and scripts that do magical things.

But the most powerful tool on the web is still words.

I wrote these words, and you’re reading them: that’s magical.I’m in a little city in British Columbia; you’re probably somewhere else.

I wrote this early in the morning, June 20th, 2013; you’re reading it at a different time. I wrote this on my laptop; you could be reading this on your phone, a tablet or a desktop.

You and I have been able to connect because I wrote this and you’re reading it.

That’s the web.

Despite our different locations, devices, and time-zones we can connect here, on a simple HTML page.

I wrote this in a text editor. It’s 6 kB. I didn’t need a Content Management System, a graphic designer, or a software developer.

There’s not much code on this page at all: just simple markup for paragraphs, hierarchy, and emphasis.

I remember teaching my daughter to code HTML when she was 8. The first thing she wrote was a story about a squirrel. She wasn’t “writing HTML”; she was sharing something with the world.

She couldn’t believe that she could write a story on our home computer, and then publish it for the world to see. She didn’t care about HTML; she cared about sharing her stories.

You are still reading.

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