Red or Blue?

Winston Churchill said to keep champagne cold in your fridge at all times. In victory you deserve it, in defeat, you need it. Both parties will be drinking it tomorrow for different reasons.

Red or Blue?
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One of the most fundamental rules of biology from plants to humans is that the sexes are defined by the size of their gametes—that is, their reproductive cells.

Large gametes occur in females; small gametes in males. In humans, an egg is 10 million times bigger than a sperm.

There is zero overlap. It is a full binary.

If you said that on Twitter two weeks ago you lost your account.

-Jeff Carter

The Telegraph Election

Jeffrey Carter | Points and Figures:

I lit my pool lights red last week. Hope if you have a pool you turn your lights red too for a little bit.

I hear people say things like “wave election”, “tsunami”, or “earthquake”. Except, those sorts of natural disasters happen without or with little warning. I “invested” in PredictIt and hopefully will be able to fund the purchase of more lottery tickets tomorrow.

This was a telegraphed election. It was so easy to see Ray Charles could have called it.

As has been the habit of Democrats when they get the majority of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, they way overreach. They say they have a mandate when they in fact don’t. That was the case in 2020.

Sure, Covid caused some problems in the supply chain that caused some inflation. But, what really caused inflation was the double-edged sword of massive government spending combined with government regulation eliminating or disincentivizing growth in every industry, especially energy.

No one likes what the Democrats are selling.

Since I live in Nevada, our home has been inundated with political ads. Most of them are from Democrats since they far outraised their Republican challengers. Based on polling, it looks like the Republicans are going to have a pretty good night. Who knows, maybe the local elections will turn 6 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate and the entire tenor of the chamber will change.

By the way, I have YouTube TV and lately, it gives me a button to skip political ads. Except it only appears for the Republican ads.

I know a lot of folks that have moved here from California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois. They are not liberal. They are refugees.

When I was rehabbing my home, I would chat with the people working on it. Didn’t matter what race they were, they weren’t liberals. They wanted cheap gas, no inflation, better schools for their kids, and a chance at life.

The problem is that Democrats really believe what they are selling. When I lived in Illinois I used to call them “true believers”.

I knew them. They discriminated against me when they could. I worked with some of them. They were rich enough to be Democrats. Limousine Liberals. Champagne Socialists.

  • They really think higher taxes are a thing people are willing to pay.
  • They really think the planet is going to blow up or something in the next ten years. Or maybe it should have blown up already.
  • They really think that more government spending means higher GDP despite both theoretical math and actual data which proves the opposite. Government spending has an almost an effect on GDP of almost 0.
  • They really think government can solve the hard problems of the day. There is nothing they don’t like more than a new government program that they can fill up with their experts.

It’s not that they are dumb. It’s that they really believe that stuff and no amount of data you give them will change their mind.

The Democratic Party is really screwed up. It’s basically an urban elite party now that revolves around the issue of abortion and calling people that don’t agree with them racist.

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The Telegraph Election
Not A Natural Disaster Election

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