All the Devils Are Here

All the Devils Are Here

12 June 2020

OK, I surrender.

This a simulation we’ve been put into where the gamemaker is saying, “Let’s see how INSANE we can make the world seem before they CRACK!” And some multidimensional gods are placing bets on who will crack first or what event will make the most people implode in a combination of loathing and self-loathing at the same time.

Making a list of the hypocrisy but here are a few:

A) This is the setting: Alex Berenson, who has been tweeting about the coronavirus, put together a book of his tweets.

Whether he’s been right or wrong is not the point. He’s a respected writer (he’s been on my podcast about his thriller series and he’s a former NYT writer).

Hypocrisy: Amazon refused to let him self-publish his book, saying it wasn’t up to their standards. I’ve self-published 10 out of my 22 books.

I’ve never seen Amazon reject a self-published book.

Elon Musk complained on Alex’s behalf and Amazon published this book. It’s now No. 4 in the Amazon store.

Meanwhile, the classic self-published text, “How to Drink Your Own Urine” by Craig Smith, has been safely raking in sales for seven years.

B) The obvious example of the Great Hypocrisy of 2020: Healthcare officials said people would die without social distancing.

A month ago, I posted a video of people biking in Central Park.

All of the comments were, “NYC deserves to die. No social distancing!” or “People in NYC care more about the stock market than whether or not their grandma dies!”

Hypocrisy: 1,200 healthcare officials have said the protests in NYC are more important than social distancing and the lockdown.

About 50,000 people protested that day, all crowded into Foley Square.

I went to a protest the other day. It was insightful to learn and talk and listen to people.

Everyone was shoulder to shoulder and about 25% were not wearing masks. The protests have been going on now for more than 10 days so we should be seeing new hospitalizations.

Instead… zero.