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Capital Thinking | A very personal story

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“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in heaven.”

― Mark Twain

This isn't a piece I ever intended to send out, but it popped up again in a search the other day and every time I see it, I have the same reaction: It's just too important not to pass along.

Craig manages to defend someone else (Britney Spears) while making it clear that he fights his own demons everyday.

There's more than one message here, but there is a truly important take-away for all of us in business: Our stories define us.

In a world where everything and everyone wants us to believe we are all the same, our stories prove we are not.

The number one question I get is "How do I stand out"?

The answer is to find and live your own story.

Because it's only when you refuse to give in to the overwhelming desire to slip into "salesperson" mode, that you can ever reach your client, your customer, or even your friend on any kind of meaningful level.

More to come.

*Featured post photo by Nikhil Singh on Unsplash

*Originally posted September 22, 2022