A Look Ahead

We lay out the major economic and social changes that are going to shape the world of investing for the next ten years and beyond.

A Look Ahead
Capital Thinking | A Look Ahead

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To say that last year was a game-changer seems silly really. It was revealing. For many who don’t follow the financial world, it revealed the incurable monetary problems in the Western led financial system.

For many who don’t follow politics, it revealed the deep state, as from country to country the people’s will was overturned by vested interests.

For many who don’t follow big business, it revealed silicon valley for what it is. A cesspool of Marxist, power hungry technocrats with maniacal tendencies.

What last year was more than anything else, was an accelerant for many of the underlying trends that were already in motion, while bringing on new probabilities and uncertainties.

-Chris MacIntosh

A Forecast For the Next Decade

Chris MacIntosh | Capitalist Exploits:

When looking at the world from a birds eye view, we find that segregating the United States, Canada, Britain and the European Union into separate political and economic entities no longer makes sense.

They are “The Western Bloc”, and are now following the same ideological, political and social paths.Prior to Covid, we had some reservations as to how things would play out, but now the path seems indisputable.

This path is an acceleration of socialism into a blow off top, an authoritarian style of governance, and it will – by necessity – involve printing money in a vain attempt to stave off the collapse.

It wont matter. All will share the same fate.

Capitalist Exploits | Taken from The World Economic Forum’s Twitter Feed

There is a non-zero chance that a debt forgiveness is tried. This will likely coincide with the issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency.

It will be looked back upon as one of the greatest thefts from the middle class in history, and a final nail in the coffin that is Western hegemony.

Some background:

  1. The world we’ve all experienced has been dominated by the Western success model. All models have their strengths and weaknesses, and over time these change. Nothing is static nor is it linear. This one has been no different. What has become increasingly evident is that this model has over time decreased in its resilience. It has been overwhelmed by socialism, which has created an entire society that is incapable of withstanding any hardship, even low intensity hardships. This societal structure lends itself towards societies seeking out and championing more of what has been instrumental in its weakness, namely socialism. Read my report entitled What Happens Next on it here. We are now in the final throes of its life. The next final step is authoritarian Marxist rule, and final collapse. Coming out of a collapsed society is rarely rapid. Remember; the USSR lasted 80 years.
  2. The manufactured hysteria over Covid-19 is being used to extend the life of this dying economic system through what is being sold to an unsuspecting public as “The Great Reset”.
  3. The ESG trend (read this, this, this and this if you’re not up to speed) is part of this “Great Reset” package. It is simply Marxism in new packaging, with an enormous marketing budget. It’s now dressed up with buzz words such as “sustainability”, “inclusivity” and “equality” and the now much promoted “build back better“.
  4. In order to fool convince people, strong narratives are required. All have been building for years now and one such part of this Marxist agenda is of course “man made climate change”. This has been a tried and tested model. It was originally labeled as Global Warming, but when the absurdity and inability to pretend it existed in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary (no warming), the buzz word was neatly transitioned to Climate Change. Importantly, it allows for the instilling of terror in a populace… and once sufficiently terrorised, people are incredibly malleable.

We have been here before.Too many exhibits but here is a taste for those who can’t recall…

Capitalist Exploits

And this beauty…

Despite all this, we can now expect “climate lockdowns”.

If you think I’m joking, you’ve clearly not been paying attention.

Charles MacKay the author of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” made the following astute observation after studying and documenting follies, manias, popular delusions and sheer madness exhibited by crowds.

Capitalist Exploits

The Great Reset; like climate change, extinction rebellion, planetary crisis, green revolution, and now the Covid hoax, are being promoted in order to distract, terrify, and provide justification for greater authoritarian control as the financial edifice crumbles.

All are built on flimsy, junk science produced by dishonest political hacks on the Government payroll, and spoon fed to the public via mass propaganda.

The reasons for these are twofold.

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A Forecast of the Next Decade
We lay out the major economic and social changes that are going to shape the world of investing for the next ten years and beyond.

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