Other People's Money

Danny DeVito explains value investing in 3 minutes flat. Really.

Other People's Money
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Other People’s Money is one of my very favorite movies - not to mention that Penelope Ann Miller is smoking hot in this flick.

So hot, that when the movie came out, I tried hard to meet her and lobbied everyone I even thought might be able to help out. Never happened.

I knew some folks who were friends with her Dad, Mark Miller, and later we traded late-night phone calls, but our timing just wasn’t right; that’s as far as it went.

There’s a lot to like about this movie - including DeVito’s performance. But whenever Miller is on the screen, I have a hard time focusing on anything else.

Did I mention she was H.O.T.?

Danny DeVito Explains Value Investing in 3 Minutes

From Graham & Doddsville:

The first time I saw this scene from Other People’s Money was in my value investing class.

I came across the clip several months ago, thanks to Walrusvalue, and just saw another referenceto it on CSInvesting.org.

In this clip from the 1991 comedy, Other People’s Money, Danny DeVito gives a 3 minute explanation of value investing – Benjamin Graham Style – with the clarity of a Warren Buffett.

Danny DeVito Explaining Value Investing Benjamin Graham Style Other People's Money) - YouTube

PS: You can usually find this movie on Amazon (for free, if you have Prime) - or, you can watch it on Vudu (owned by Walmart) - also for free. Just add the Vudu channel to your Smart TV or Roku.