In Search of Better Tweets

NOVEMBER 6, 2011

In Search of Better Tweets

A simple search of Amazon returns over 2500 "hits" on the subject of all things Twitter. There are hardcover books, e-books, and digital downloads - not to mention audio and DVD.

Google found a couple of hundred (I stopped counting) articles about how to use Twitter for your business, for your organization, and for yourself.

There are how-to guides on creating your personal Twitter avatar, customizing your Twitter background, and building your Twitter following.

There are even Twitter coaches.

No kidding. I didn't believe it either, but take a look here to see for yourself. Famous athletes are being PAID real money to Tweet.

I have to say that I am late to the party. Usually, I'm among those who lead the charge whenever new technologies appear. My garage  - all 1600 sq ft of it - is crammed full of old computers, old telephone sytems, dusty monitors, and box after box of cables: Network cables, audio cables, usb cables, power cords, and power bricks. And don't get me started on old drive systems. I've still got 8 inch, 5.25, and 3 inch floppy drives along with the diskettes to match.  As I said, first to enter - last to leave.

Anyway, the Twitter thing just caught me by surprise.

I do have a smart phone - a Blackberry Curve - that I've carried faithfully for two years. And before that, I had a nifty little armored phone from Sanyo that let me get all my email and even surf the web a little.

There is a new phone. A brand new Apple 4s Iphone sitting in the box - in fact there are three of them - all waiting to be activated.  Waiting patiently on the kitchen bar  - along with new cases from Otterbox and screen protectors - for me to get off my ... couch and put them to work.  They've been there so long they are covered in dust.

OK, so the Twitter thing is bigger than I realized. Off to Amazon I went and collected a few new items for my Kindle:

I haven't read them all yet. But I was struck by The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein- especially the second chapter. You mean I can tap into the collective mind of Twitteree's (Twitterer's ?) All that information available to me in real time and I didn't even know it.  I think I'm going to like this after all.

One more thing - how does a normal businessperson make use of this thing? Other than the research angle of course.

Somebody who's been an enthusiastic support of Twitter and used it extensively is Matt Homann at the (Non)Billable Hour.  According to Matt, he's moved much of his content to Twitter rather than his own blog; in fact, he prefers it.

Oops. Almost forgot. In the midst of all the books on tips, tricks, and short-cuts to Twitter, you may want to pick up something that covers basic etiquette.

Yep, there are rules to Tweeting. Who knew?

Update: OK, so the Iphones are now all activated, protective covers and all.  But I still am trying to figure out Twitter. Maybe I need to hire a coach?