How I Didn't Make 100 Million Dollars

How I Didn't Make 100 Million Dollars

4 June 2018 · Issue #80 · View online

8 Dimensions of Leadership – which are you?

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Oh, my fault, your first thought was where the “f” has Allen been – no blogging?

Well, true, I haven’t been blogging.

I’ve been working like I bounced a check, and I just haven’t had the mental space and I’ve been fully committed to not blogging crap, so I’ve been saving up some thoughts and ideas to share.”

-Allen Nance

How I Didn't Make 100 Million Dollars

Allen Nance:

Only Allen Nance could make a point about NOT making 100 million funny and insightful.

As we get back to the basics of story, presentation, and persuasion, let’s take a few minutes and learn a little something about overcoming mistakes and building a first-class sales team.

Want a short course on the importance of sales and profitability?

How about a Monday Morning MBA class?

Here you go.  

Sorry about the link - can’t get the video directly, so just click on the link and go from there.

And you don’t have to worry about Allen, he’s doing quite well.

He’s founded three different companies that have all gone on to multi-million dollar exits, he co-founded TechSquare in Atlanta, and is currently on a mission to bring 10,000 high-paying technical jobs to Atlanta.

I wouldn’t want to bet against him, would you? You can check out his LinkedIn profile here.